rebecca mcdade

a scotland born & oregon grown singer-songwriter

letters in the post

I'm sending letters in the post,

Deciding who I love the most,

And spending all my days imagining

All the letters sent to me.

I’m trying to find my way back home,

But first deciding where I’m from,

And tally marking every place I’ve been

Afraid to wash them from my skin.

And I, oh I wanna find my end of the road,

But I know I’ve miles to go.


Crossing over borderlines

And losing track of all the times

I’ve filled up matchboxes with paper dreams

Until they’re bursting at the seams.


I’m sending letters in the post,

Collecting days spent on my own,

And planting vacancies tween fingertips

Hoping I’ll find somewhere mine fit.

And oh, I know that your heart, your heart is your own

But I love you so.

Rebecca McDade Music