rebecca mcdade

a scotland born & oregon grown singer-songwriter

into gold

Oh, I know that I put everything inside a little box that does not have the space to hold

It all. But I’ll hide away inside it until the faces do not phase me anymore

And I will think and it will seem just like I’ve never even been in this place before


It’s a game we play with our hearts as big as apples

– it would be a shame if they all went to waste

And they say that the grass is always greener, but there was a time when I could not relate

When I had you right beside me and my roots they thought that they had found their place


And tides are rolling in – they’re rolling in

Disguised in comfort – oh where do I begin?

I dipped my toes into the water never knowing that I’d need to learn to swim


Before you go, I need you to strip the hallways of the evidence of you up on the walls

And I’m told that the times they are a changing and you’re busy rearranging all you know

Because everything you touch it is not turning into gold

Not anymore

Rebecca McDade Music