rebecca mcdade

a scotland born & oregon grown singer-songwriter

october darling

Another October came past this year without paying his dues.

Popped his head through the doorway and said, ‘I’m just passing through’.

But I’ll see him in the morning time when leaves sparkle with dew,

But honey don’t think I’ve forgotten bout you.


I heard a songbird this morning sing a full music show.

He’s got a chip on his shoulder and wants the whole world to know.

But he wakes up too early and that’s how every day goes,

And I wonder if he goes it alone.


And I don’t have a heart like yours, darling

No mine’s moving from town to town.

So between the stamps and photographs oh, honey

It’s good for me to have you around.


You missed the passing storm last night, you’re too far away

But I played your favourite song as I listened to the rain.

And the branches in the garden dear, they all closed their eyes.

And for the first time in a while, I feel alright.


And I don’t have a heart like yours, darling

No mine’s ready to fly away.

So after broken promises and heartaches,

It’s nice to know you’re gonna stay.


Nothing is hanging on the hook of my faults.

So maybe after all his talking, honey

This October is a long one after all. 

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