rebecca mcdade

a scotland born & oregon grown singer-songwriter

whys & dioramas

She always had her heart there in her back pocket

And he always seemed to have his stowed away and locked up with a key

Made of firewood and favourite books and faded memories

He would visit on cold evenings


So she liked to pass the time just daydreaming, and he

Always liked the way her eyes would get all squinty when she sings

And he was just like the first warm breeze of the spring

And she hoped that she could keep him


She said, well I just have a lot of love to give

And I hoped that you’d be taking it

Yeah I hoped that you’d be taking it


But he already had his plans and a head full of ideas

Of all the ways that things would pan out and how it all would be

And she didn’t fit in dioramas he’d drawn up as ideal

And he just couldn’t get past it


He said maybe I could love you, but I just don’t have the time

So you keep yours, and I’ll keep mine

So you keep yours, and I’ll keep mine


But in the darkest hours, we were both left asking why

Did we go and just decide

That we wouldn’t even try

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